But There Are Plenty More Chances to Get Popcorn

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Created by maxystone ( Via )

Never, Ever Start a Sentence That Way

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Created by stg2010

Sounds Like Fun

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Via Pie Comic

The Cycle Continues

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A Loophole!

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Created by Individual11

Implying He Can't Multitask

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Created by Unknown

10th Week: A Game of Phone Catch

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Created by Unknown

The Most Frustrating Part of Nickelodeon's 'Legends of the Hidden Temple'...

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You Go Home and Tell Him Right Meow

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Created by Unknown

Said No Man Ever

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Created by Unknown

Conor Oberst Needs a Hug

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Maybe He Has Auto-Homo-Erect

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Created by Unknown

Grope Therapy

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From the Manual of Appropriate Workplace Humor:

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Created by shchambers

What, You Think I'm Here To Teach You Or Something?

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Via Doghouse Diaries

How to Set Off Real Dubstep Fans

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Created by Ray

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