video of man in the snow throwing around frozen solid pants and shirt

Extreme Cold In Calgary Results In Frozen Shirt Frisbee

Let's see what article of clothing flies the furthest.
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nature FAIL cold funny Video - 99941633

Tourist Stuck On Small Chunk Of Ice In Glacier Lagoon, Floats Away

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rules anarchy criminal funny law shoes dogs paint signs fence cold cars bench - 7851013

21 First World Anarchists Who Sent a Strongly Worded Message to the Man

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polar vortex, snow, ice

10 Crazy Images That Capture The Frozen Apocalyptic Craziness Of The Midwest Polar Vortex

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insane crazy chaos cold fire temperature chicago Video - 509446

Insanely Cold Temperatures In Chicago Compel People To Light Train Tracks On Fire

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FAIL cold weather experiment ridiculous funny Video - 509190

Not The Best Attempt At The Cold Weather-Boiling Water Thing

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people describing how low the temperatures got in chicago

16 Extremely Cold People Of Chicago Tell Reddit What Experiencing -30F Is Really Like

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viral videos cold weather reaction funny Video - 496902

Man's Passionate Reaction To The Cold Weather Goes Viral

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Damn, Katie...

cold prom dating - 8802150400
Via misleddit

The Controls of My Heart

Via onlytwitterpics

Brrrrroken Heart?

Via pakalu papito

Fill it Up FAIL

snow au naturale dude parts cold underwear - 6984305920
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Movie Theater Penguin

animal art bird boredom clever cold cooler creativity in the workplace cute decoration fridge monday penguin recycling reminder sculpture sharpie wasteful - 3698437632
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Sore Throat With a Side of Chafing

fap cold TMI Overshare sick failbook - 8467024640
Created by soren7550

This Canadian Hot Spring Holds "Frozen Hair" Contests

Via Laughing Squid
cold frozen funny science tongue Video - 69009409

Why Does Your Tongue Stick to Things?

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