Tumblr thread story of college kid who drank too much caffeine | korrakun: my favorite college experience is had 7am class and kid next literally poured monster energy drink into his coffee said going die" and drank whole thing knew guy who brewed his instant coffee with monster instead water. three cups two hours think he ascended astral realm survivability human race never ceases amaze TABI ANECDOTE

Tumblr Thread: Super Coffee Is Not A Great Idea

"If caffeine makes me awake, more caffeine will make me the most awake. Right"
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jokes relatable work Memes coffee funny - 15997957

Coffee Memes For People Who Barely Know What Day It Is

We don't like the idea of being “don't talk to me before I've had my coffee” people. Office-style coffee humor usually sucks. It's also depressing to admit that we need stimulants to have even a semblance of well-being on any given morning. So rather than a wink and a nod and a 20 dollar mug that has an inverse graph of happiness vs coffee drank or whatever, we'd just like to say: “this is not normal, we're sorry, and please don't talk to me until I've had my coffee." Now here are some work mem…
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giant coffee order gets turned into tumblr story

Tumblr Thread: Sullen Caffeine Gremlin Inspires Tale Of Cosmic Horror

It's inhuman!
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bad customer asks for sweeter drink, barista makes it too sweet, but customer like it

Barista Gets Revenge With 10 Syrup Pumps, Customer Loves It

Huh. Alright then.
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customer wants hot coffee, boss heats it up way too much

Customer Demands Hotter Coffee, Manager Goes Full Throttle

The customer is always something.
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An informative Tumblr post about the importance of serving customers exactly what they order.

Tumblr Thread On Importance Of Serving Customers What They Order

It can be life-threatening.
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A quick wholesome Tumblr post about a barista who is pure positive chaos.

Inventive Barista Is Living Definition Of Chaotic Good

Get this person a raise.
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customer service crazy Starbucks coffee ridiculous Video tiktok - 2556422

TikTok Video Captures Complete Chaos Minutes After Starbucks Opened

Sometimes, it's too hard to laugh through the pain.
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customer service surprising Starbucks awesome coffee Video store tiktok - 2366470

TikToker Exposes Starbucks For Store-Bought Lemonade And Syrups

Ignorance can definitely be bliss.
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A collection of ridiculously lengthy orders from Starbucks customers.

Aggressively Excessive Orders From Starbucks Customers

Boatloads of sugar.
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Biker customer orders a cup full of cream and sugar, apologizes to employee

Biker Customer Demands Cup Of Cream and Sugar, Ends Up Apologizing

If you say so, man.
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A Twitter thread showing off some of the world's grossest caffeinated drinks.

Unforgivable, Outright Unpleasant Coffee Drinks

What were they thinking.
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Man drinks a whole cup of Cuban espresso and ends up in the fifth dimension. | 8 mins So, here's story about my day got absolutely destroyed just as just began. Another guy another company here at Port and get along quite well got here early port get head start on some days work, and he tells Hey got some coffee shack over there if want some".

Man Downs Whole Cup Of Cuban Espresso, Teleports To 5th Dimension

Let it be a lesson to the rest of us.
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Man yells at his wife for being too cheap to get him a $2 coffee. | r/AmltheAsshole Join u/Eggnoglattethrowaway 1d S 2 8 4 AITA yelling at my wife over $2 Not hole My wife (38F) and 33M) have been married 8 years have one child together (5M Some background might be relevant work full time. She works about 15 hours week. Our finances have always been separate. However pay all bills and all our "fun stuff as well as give her an allowance 1000 per month fact, she currently has almost three times

Man Yells At Wife For Not Getting Him $2 Coffee

Quite the pickle.
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funny twitter thread star wars coffee preferences | Violet Wilson @ViWiWrites Star Wars Characters and they make their coffee thread Obi Wan makes French press coffee and gently uses just weight his hand lower filter, so sediment isn't overly disturbed and acidity is controlled. | Kylo Ren uses an Aeropress because like, come on, just LOOK AT

Twitter Thread: Star Wars Characters' Coffee Preferences

It could use a squirt of blue milk.
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Tumblr thread on customers crazy coffee orders | say this jokingly but had customer actually order pumpkin spice latte with 9 shots espresso (also no whip) and asked her verify she did indeed want 9 shots espresso she looked dead eyes and said have 5 kids" witchcraft-with-space-bean once had woman come and ordered an Americano with 19 shots espresso drink took ages held up line asked

Tumblr Thread: Customers' Mythically Powerful Coffee Orders

It's some kind of monster.
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