close call

False Alarm, the Kids Are Alright

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Nice Deer Impression, Lady!

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Close Call of the Day: Planes Involved in Near Miss at Barcelona Airport

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Somehow There Were No Serious Injuries in This Intense Highway Encounter

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Remember to Stay a Healthy Distance From Collapsing Buildings, as This "Close Call" Video Will Demonstrate

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skydiving close call Video - 61910273

This Skydiver's Last-Minute Chute Pull Will Give You a Heart Attack

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Disaster Averted!

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cars close call world record Video fail nation - 62031105

This Was Going to be the Longest Car Jump in the World, but Here's How Everything Went Wrong

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Close Call of the Day: Plane Almost Lands on Sunbather at the Beach

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Beep Beep! Cement Coming Through!

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Meant to do That? Meant to do That.

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All of These People Are Lucky to Make it Out Alive

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Close Call of the Day: Impressive Brakes on This Semi

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close call dangerous train Video - 60338689

You Will Never Forget to Look Both Ways After Watching This Video

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This is Probably The Closest Close Call Video That We've Ever Seen

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