close call

times people dodged bullets

Fortunate Times People Dodged Life-Ruining Bullets

Well that was close.
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things people thought before a close call

The Last Thoughts People Had When They Believed They Were About To Die

It's a spectrum.
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wtf stories of people who had a gut instinct save them and make a situation a close call

Freaky Close Call Decisions that Saved People's Lives

Sometimes you get a feeling.
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Camaro goes airborne in drag race and lands safely on ground

Drag Racer Lands Back On Wheels After Going Airborne

It looked like it was just gonna keep going.
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close calls and times people dodged a bullet

The Largest Bullets People Dodged

Life is a series of close calls.
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wheel wtf drifting FAIL tired close call lol truck - 107658497

Truck Driver Drifts Recklessly, Breaks Wheel Clean Off

Nice clean break.
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dodged bullet and close call stories

Freaky Close Calls That People Somehow Avoided

Uh, thanks fate.
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freaky close calls and dodged bullets

Freaky Times People Dodged Life-Ruining Bullets

It's chaos out there, man.
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Jet almost lands on carrier, comes within feet of landing but then goes back into sky

Pilot Attempts Landing, Nopes Back Into Sky

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WoW wtf close call skiing Video - 106624513

Drone Falls During Ski Race, Almost Hits Skiier

Those were the days.
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Guy falls unconscious and begins to fall off balcony but is then saved by bystanders

Dude Faints, Tips Over Balcony, Gets Saved

That was close.
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concrete truck tips close to van video

Concrete Truck Makes Tight Turn, Almost Crushes Van

There's some concrete evidence.
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Man has close call, barely avoiding falling piece of concrete that smashes car

Concrete Slab Destroys Car, Barely Misses Dude

What a close call.
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Tumblr story of a professor who had a creepy close call | kvinnfolk wanna hear wild story? my brother's history professor is closing on 80 and basically lives at university. one night my brother visited him meeting, and came up my brother gonna be performing as court jester at castle following day. and his professor busts out ah reminds my youth he then proceeded tell tale he and his friends went backpacking greece back their early 20s. then one day they found themselves completely penniless. so

Professor's Greek Beach Tale is a Crazy Close Call

Not sure how relatable the moral is here.
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Woman jumps out of a malfunctioning elevator with a bowl of soup.

Soup Lady Jumps Out Of Deadly Moving Elevator

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scary close call moments

12 Close Calls Where People Escaped Ruin by Moments

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