Sloshed Swag: I Will Take Every Single One Please

classy sloshed swag wine glasses - 6565703680
By Unknown

Driving With a Buddy WIN

BAMF car classy driving - 6478965760
Via Reddit

Cufflinks WIN

classy design nerdgasm r2d2 star wars - 6495262976
Via Neatorama

Dressed to WIN: Classy British Gents

classy dressed to win - 6470487040
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Dressed to WIN: One Classy Dude

classy dressed to win suit tux - 6423710720
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WIN!: Ponder That WIN

classy clever sign troofax true facts trufax - 6391200000
By Unknown

Clearly the Russian Military Had the Right Idea

army BAMF classy retro russia vintage - 6375945472
Via Flavorwire

Laptop Mod WIN

classy computer laptop modification - 6370177536
Via Datamancer

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

classy intelligent spelling typo - 6306950400
By Unknown

British Tank WIN

British classy drinking sir tea - 6287742720
By Unknown

Poorly Dressed: Quite a Respectable Piercing, I Say

classy Hall of Fame sir piercing - 6276676352
By Unknown

Sometimes Life Just Ain't Right

alcoholic alcoholism classy sir vodka wine - 6276023552
Via Endless Origami

What You Do in Your Mirror Pics is Your Own Business

classy cross dressing mirror pic underwear - 6260715264
By Unknown

Watch Design WIN

classy clock design time watch - 6264878080
By Unknown

Two People Seemed to Think it Was a Themed Prom...

classy jacket pimp prom retro suit - 6257874944
By Unknown

Classy Dames, The Whole Lot!

booty classy crack - 6230967296
By Unknown