He's a Genius

class kid genius funny School of FAIL - 7460040960
By Unknown
beer class awesome brewing funny - 50360321

There Is a Class for Brewing Beer?

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I Hope So Too

class grammar nazi school grammar bad grammar spelling funny - 7461708800
By Aldo Montoya

I Don't Get It Either

class textbooks school Chemistry funny failbook - 7447686400
By Unknown

Well Played

class facebook funny - 7449841408
class speech funny - 50220289

Speech 101: Taking Over The World

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This Is Why The Oregon Trail Is So Hard

class assignment difficult funny - 7429888000
By Jessica

Still Makes Me Happy

class TV happy funny - 7435967744
By Unknown

Definitely Ready for the Real World.

real world class twitter sleeping - 7426140160
By Unknown

Math Jokes Are the First Sine of Insanity

class puns math - 7426141952
By Unknown

Bored in Class?

class hacked irl bored - 7415518976
By Unknown

This is Whatever Class You Want it To Be

Sexy Ladies class wtf - 7405140992
By Unknown

Unfortunate Typo

class typo book - 7383985408
By darron

Hooray for the Morning

class school morning - 7385269504
By Unknown

Hooray for Video games

class computers video games - 7385644032
By Unknown

The Butabi Brothers Approve

class song test - 7377274368
By G-Unit1111