egotistical end inexperienced manager put in her place by the hostess

'With all due respect, you've never even worked in a restaurant before:' Hostess claps back at egotistical new manager who has never even worked a day in the service industry before

"Don't come in and act like you already know everything when you're a new comer to not only the job, but [also] the whole industry.”
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man brutally shuts down mother in law

Mother-In-Law Won't Stop Comparing Man To Doctor Ex, Gets Shut Down

Here's a prescription, "apply cold water to burned area."
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Woman claps back against rude guy on dating app with an insult of her own | Damn are stunning but afraid spend more time drinking/partying/on Insta than relationship lol absolutely right, Rob. lol who says cant judge someone based off couple pics haha

Woman Claps Back At Rude Guy On Dating App

You fail, Rob.
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Funny ignorant people that sometimes got insulted | Definitely trying this really wanna find out if related my ancestors. highly suspect are indeed related ancestors

Ignorance That Got Met with Ridicule, Disses and Clapbacks

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A collection of brutal clapbacks that waiters/servers delivered to rude customers.

Savage Clapbacks Waiters/Servers Delivered To Customers

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People online delivering roasts, funny clapbacks and slams.

Clapbacks, Slams and Other Times People Met Ruination By Words

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