A collection of cursed images from an urban dystopia.

Absurd, Cursed, And Uncomfortable Architecture

Fresh out of the dystopian reality.
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hilarious continents wtf lesson country city tv shows reality geography dumb reality tv funny stupid - 107437313

The Love Island Contestant Who Insisted Essex Was A Continent

Prepare to lose some brain cells.
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Guy who lives in Edinburgh Scotland applies to job in Edinburgh Indiana | r/tifu Posted by u/Scottish_Man 20 hours ago TIFU by applying job my city, but 6000 kilometers away where expected. M been laughing at myself whole today so thought would share this with s probably not as funny as think is, but alas context just finished school and looking temporary jobs over summer so can get bit money university starts have been looking at number job sites and have applied three jobs have setting search

Scottish Man Applies to Job in Wrong Edinburgh

It's a pretty honest mistake.
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eavesdropping overheard los angeles FAIL jokes witness city lol health food funny stupid dating - 8433669

30 Hilarious Moments Overheard in Los Angeles

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A Bridge Over Still Waters

river city cityscape bridge destination WIN! g rated - 7065021440
By Unknown

Is It That Time of Year Already?

snow city cityscape park winter - 6764745728
By Unknown

WINcation at the Floating City of Flores, Guatemala

Brother Nature FTW city island town wincation - 6527305728
Via Web Urbanist

Skyscraper View WIN

Brother Nature FTW city Hall of Fame skyscraper urban view wincation - 6099854336
Via Cubicle Bot

Vertigo WIN

city heights photography urban vertigo - 5873998080
By Unknown

Ice City WIN

city ice pretty colors sculpture - 5812932352
Via Laughing Squid

Brother Nature FTW: Life Leech WIN

Brother Nature FTW city photography pretty colors - 5797042176
Via Supergreat
architecture art China city ice sculpture snow Video winter - 33233409

Ice City WIN

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Nice View WIN

Brother Nature FTW city dangerous landscape skyscraper vertigo view - 5676174592
By Unknown

Alesund WIN

Brother Nature FTW city ocean photography - 5573967616
By Unknown

Brother Nature FTW: A Meeting With Mother Nature (FTW)

Brother Nature FTW city Forest hong kong urban - 5506576128
Via Ian_Boys

Brother Nature FTW: With a View WIN

bathroom Brother Nature FTW city classy toilet urban view - 5473119232
By Unknown
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