AskReddit replies to unrealistic things that people see in movies that annoys them | tdj8 6h noticed lot movies they will let someone into their house but don't shut front door lol

Unrealistic Moments In Movies That Annoy People

Life ain't like it is in the movies.
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Twitter users share their funniest failed movie pitches | tweet by Seth Rogen @Sethrogen Replying shannonandswift R rated animated Care Bears movie Care Bears people wouldn't even take meeting.

Dumpster Fire Of Failed Movie Pitches

These didn't make it past the pitch process.
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Tumblr thread on Jurassic Park's crazy special effects | uneditededit Remember 1993 Jurassic Park like end all, be all special effects? scene where a huge dinosaur eyes looks at the girl Spielberg movie

Tumblr Thread: Jurassic Park Is A Timeless Treasure

Someone sold their soul for those special effects.
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Quick list points out the various ridiculous and surprising parts about the "Spy Kids" movie | dilapidatedragamuffin Deactivated SPY KIDS 3 MOVIE Can talk about Spy Kids 3 second because 's just MOST BAFFLING CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE EVER First open LITTLE BABY SELENA GOMEZ

Tumblr List: The Chaotic Masterpiece That Is Spy Kids

There was a lot going on in those Spy Kids movies.
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former mobster reviews mob scenes from hollywood crime movies robert de niro the godfather

Ex-Mob Boss Rates Mafia Movie Scenes

The Simpsons scored higher than The Godfather.
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People share bad times to quote movies | tweet by TK @TKthekonseptTK she discovered engagement ring u put her cake too late My precious QuoteAMovieAtABadTime x-ray ring inside a person'd body

Bad Times To Quote Movies

There's a time and a place for everything.
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Twitter users describe movies badly | tweet by Ryan Bartholomee @RyanBartholomee Replying jimmyfallon Snakes on Plane documentary about why emotional support snakes are bad idea #DescribeAMovieBadly

People Describe Movies Badly (30 Tweets)

This made for quite the funny results.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to people sharing bad movie scenes in otherwise good movies | hoptothejam DeNiro's foot stomp Irishman.

Terrible Scenes In Otherwise Good Movies

Pretty much every movie has that one plain old bad scene.
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Guy on Twitter explains what it looks like when a movie actually fails | tweet by Nash076 Do actually know technical meaning bomb" is film? Because Rise Skywalker didn't bomb s on track pull at least billion s at $725 mil now s made back its budget and 's going turn profit s not bomb.

Star Wars Inspires Twitter Discussion On Movie Failures

Star Wars has inspired all kinds of stirring discussions.
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Guy shares all of his hilarious and random observations on the "Cats" movie | Just finished watching/surviving "CATS Movie" with friends not even going try and review Instead am just going share random observations throughout film Audience roughly 25 people Cats

Random And Hilarious Observations On "Cats" Movie

There was a lot to work with.
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movies that make you go wtf such as the gummo scene with the spaghetti bath

39 Movies That Caused People To Have A "WTF Did I Just Watch" After Viewing

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Movie Logic Fails

26 Examples Of Movie Logic That Are Fails Waiting To Happen In Real Life

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cool twitter movies interesting social media cinema - 7692805

12 Sassy Twitter Users Call Out Comically Ridiculous Movie Character Stereotypes

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annoying movie tropes

20 Annoying Movie Tropes That Infuriate People to No End

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