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15 Complete Lies Our Parents Crammed into Our Heads

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Guy Drops Lit Cigarette Down Mysterious Hole, Regret Ensues

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PSA of the Day: Vape Life Becomes Near Vape-Death Experience When E-Cig Explodes

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Animals Smoking Durrys

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The Rolled Stone

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Please Dump Responsibly

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Batty's Healthy Ciggies

asthma cigarettes old advertisement
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Sometimes a Crab Just Needs to Unwind With a Cigar at the End of the Day

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It Won't Fit In There...

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By ashleymichelleheffron
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A Redneck Moment of Zen in the Parking Lot

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What Smells Like Awful?

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Dress Your Child as Your Vices

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Are E-Cigs Safer?

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And Bartenders Don't Wash Their Hands

Beer and chips covered in pee
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They Start Younger and Younger

cabbage patch delinquents
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Only a Cigarette, and Nothing More

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