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15 Things That We Were Warned About as Kids That Ended Up Being Overhyped

When you're a kid, everything you experience is just a tiny part of the vast unknown. You have yet to figure out so many things about the seemingly endlessly large world that even trying to think about all of the possibilities out there can make your head spin. Thankfully you have the adults in your life to guide you through this treacherously infinite environment. And you, a wide-eyed child, know that you can take whatever the adults tell you for granted. Why would they ever tell you white lie…
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weird rules at friends houses

People Share Weird Rules They Had To Follow At Friend's Houses

Uh, cool?
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funny kids being weird and stupid

Moments That Show Kids Are The Weirdest And Stupidest People Of All

What's their deal?
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memes and images of nostalgia

Sweet Seductive Nostalgia To Help Us Run Away From The Present

Oh yeah.
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funny moments of kids being stupid and weird

Stupid Proof That Kids Are Almost a Different Species

They're out there, man.
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weird things kids got a hold of

The Wildest Junk Parents Confiscated From Their Kids

It's all fun and games 'til your kid has an actual sword.
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Ads, toys and pictures from 80s and 90s fast food nostalgia | wwen PAPY oe PLUNAS McDonald's Happy Meal ty teenie BEANIE BABIES PAMINIO teenie GOE April 11-May 15, 1997 HOO TUILE Also available! New Toddler Toys | bucket s finger lickin good Kentucky Fried Chicken

An Unhealthy Indulgence of Fast Food Nostalgia

There were so many rumors about the ball pit.
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things from people's childhoods that were later discovered to be weird

Things from People's Childhoods They Later Realized Were Weird

Everybody's family is a little weird in some way , but as a kid, you don't know any better. This leads to most of us having an awkward moment later on with friends; it turns out everyone else's parents created weird little falsehoods that only they've ever heard of, too. Whether it's pronunciations, explanations for the amount of random kids who stayed with your family, or simply the financial situations between private and public school families, people perceive the world in their own little w…
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Video of crew pranking Mr. Rogers with a smaller pair of shoes.

The Wholesome Prank Played on Mr. Rogers

Alright, that's beautiful.
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don't tell your parent stories

People's "Don't Tell Your Mother About This" Moments

Or father. Either one.
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funny memes and stories of kids being strange and dumb | all my child hood pictures are ruined because my stupid ass thought funny be undertaker so 70 my old photos are like this | stunningpicture kid liked strawberries so much would eat them untilI got sick. Here is one those times.

Too Much Proof That Kids are Dumb and Weird

They're strange people.
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stories and images of kids being stupid and weird

Proof That Kids Are Strange, Dumb People

Some real brilliance going on here.
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funny things people believed as kids

Ridiculous And Dumb Things People Believed As Kids

Hey, we learned eventually.
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dumb and funny things kids did

Funny Signs Kids Are Dumb As Heck

Who knows, maybe they'll turn out okay.
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90s nostalgia from toys r us stores

90s Toys R Us Pics To Unleash The Nostalgia

There was a time when a giraffe told us what to buy.
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nostalgic toys and items

Nostalgic Toys And Things From the 80s and 90s

Get at 'em.
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