funny kids being weird and stupid

Moments That Show Kids Are The Weirdest And Stupidest People Of All

What's their deal?
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memes and images of nostalgia

Sweet Seductive Nostalgia To Help Us Run Away From The Present

Oh yeah.
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funny moments of kids being stupid and weird

Stupid Proof That Kids Are Almost a Different Species

They're out there, man.
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weird things kids got a hold of

The Wildest Junk Parents Confiscated From Their Kids

It's all fun and games 'til your kid has an actual sword.
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Ads, toys and pictures from 80s and 90s fast food nostalgia | wwen PAPY oe PLUNAS McDonald's Happy Meal ty teenie BEANIE BABIES PAMINIO teenie GOE April 11-May 15, 1997 HOO TUILE Also available! New Toddler Toys | bucket s finger lickin good Kentucky Fried Chicken

An Unhealthy Indulgence of Fast Food Nostalgia

There were so many rumors about the ball pit.
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things from people's childhoods that were later discovered to be weird

Things from People's Childhoods They Later Realized Were Weird

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Video of crew pranking Mr. Rogers with a smaller pair of shoes.

The Wholesome Prank Played on Mr. Rogers

Alright, that's beautiful.
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don't tell your parent stories

People's "Don't Tell Your Mother About This" Moments

Or father. Either one.
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funny memes and stories of kids being strange and dumb | all my child hood pictures are ruined because my stupid ass thought funny be undertaker so 70 my old photos are like this | stunningpicture kid liked strawberries so much would eat them untilI got sick. Here is one those times.

Too Much Proof That Kids are Dumb and Weird

They're strange people.
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stories and images of kids being stupid and weird

Proof That Kids Are Strange, Dumb People

Some real brilliance going on here.
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funny things people believed as kids

Ridiculous And Dumb Things People Believed As Kids

Hey, we learned eventually.
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dumb and funny things kids did

Funny Signs Kids Are Dumb As Heck

Who knows, maybe they'll turn out okay.
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90s nostalgia from toys r us stores

90s Toys R Us Pics To Unleash The Nostalgia

There was a time when a giraffe told us what to buy.
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nostalgic toys and items

Nostalgic Toys And Things From the 80s and 90s

Get at 'em.
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nostalgic 90s toys

90s Toys To Get Absolutely Ripped On Nostalgia

Nostalgia can hit like a truck. Specifically Tonka.
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funny moments of kids being stupid

Signs Kids Are Dumber Than Bushels of Hammers

They're pretty dumb for people who spend so much time in school.
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