Chicken, Waffles, and Cake. What More Could You Want?

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Someone's Ready For Fowl.. Err, Fall

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Are You in the Chicken Club?

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An Honest Quote From a Great Man

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Excellent Slogan

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Disgusting Video of the Day: You Get What You Pay for When You Shop at Food 4 Less

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This is Not a Hoax, a Chicken is Trying to Cross the Road and it's an Emergency

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What's a Man and His Date Supposed to Do Around Here?

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What Came First, the Chicken or the Facepalm?

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The Other Red-White Meat

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The Rough Life of a Chicken

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Your Chicken Looks Cold

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One Drunk Chicken

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Great, We're All Hungry and Grossed Out Now

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Because Sometimes You Just Want Your Hair to Look Like a Chicken

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There Really is a Fan Page for Everything

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