Just sit your keister down in that chair right there and harken: chairs sometimes don't leave you a leg to lean on. But if you get smacked by a  person in a wheelchair, you could call it a hit but can't run. So if you're into chairs and literally anything having to do with them. Just remember, you'll never be as good as Steven Hawking at musical chairs.

One Mathematical Restoration Project

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Times Like These Make You Wonder Why We Put Security Cameras in Our Offices

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Budget Cuts

monday thru friday chair office chair sharing g rated - 8248932864
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The Result of a Tragic WWE Accident?

chair umbrella youre-doing-it-wrong fail nation g rated - 8228553216
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Better Than an Ugly Hat

chair poorly dressed there I fixed it rain - 8228272896
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Shut Out the World in This Privacy Chair

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The Incredible Human Chairs

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The Perfect Reading Chair

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How to Tell Who REALLY Got to the Waiting Room First

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Long Commute? Bring Your Own Seat

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Jim Was Finally Useful That Day

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A Chair for a Tiny Drunken Fairy

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When Your Boss Accidentally Buys Chairs From an Elementary School Auction

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Something Tells Me We Didn't Want to See This Break in Action

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This is How a Rock Climber "Sits" in a Chair

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Pee Wee & Chairy Beer Koozies

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