Tumblr users ask what centaurs can breed with | volcel-official Then question is, would be morally acceptable centaur mate with normal horse Ma pain-and-missouri And would offspring be like? trashcanbees 50% 75% 100% kompanie-mutter hate all this trashcanbees Bigot

Short Tumblr Thread on Centaurs Asks The Hard Questions

We can just be glad they don't actually exist.
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Doctor asks where to defibrillate a centaur | tweet by FredWuMD Serious question medtwitter: If show up at code, and patient is centaur who had cardiac arrest, ignoring joules question, where do think defib pads should go assuming heart is human part, or B, assuming heart is horse part

Doctor Asks How to Deal with Centaur Cardiac Arrest

Or maybe, centaurdiac arrest?
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Sure, He's Dressed Weird, But He Has CAKE!

cake centaur poorly dressed Subway - 8211156224
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Gettin' All The Ladies

centaur costume hey ladies horse - 5850085120
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A Family That Centaurs Together

centaur cosplay costume family ren fair - 4663820032
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Unitaur's Are Hot!

centaur costume funny pink unicorn weird white - 4444423936
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