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20 Signs That Are Scarier than They Have to Be

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One Foot in the Browser, One Foot in the Grave

sign cemetery irony funny - 7672767488
Created by Sgarland

No Room For Zombies FAIL

cemetery Death irony signs - 6014330368
Created by Aeshel

Next You'll Tell Me There's More. Ridiculous!

Via Brown Cardigan

Headstones Are Going to Look Like This Any Day Now

Via Joanne Casey

All Others Will Undergo the Necessary Conversion

monday thru friday sign cemetery parking - 8316780032
Via Izismile

A Major Selling Point

cemetery monday thru friday sign work real estate g rated - 8168165120
Via dsmith052

Time to Put the Smartphone Down

cemetery selfie graveyard - 8137699072
Created by Unknown

When Advertising, Location is Key

monday thru friday advertisement billboard cemetery work - 8132518912
Via Flolandra

This Sign is a Little On-the-Nose

cemetery irony sign - 8007946752
Created by Unknown

Dude... That's Deep...

cemetery road signs - 7896381440
Created by Unknown

Dead Lady Cat God

cat cemetery grave failbook g rated - 6724898560
Created by Amay666

Ridiculous Reviews: This Place Sucks

cemetery funeral google maps - 6390555648
Created by Unknown

R.I.P. Bill Gates (1955-2035)

Bill Gates cemetery grave - 5968761600
Created by Unknown

That Joke Flew Right Over Her Head

cemetery joke oh canada over their head puns - 5590573056
Created by badsqwerl

Relay For Life FAIL

cemetery Death irony signs - 5534437120
Created by Greg
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