cement truck boss loses company money

Idiot Boss Has Cement Truck Drivers Follow Terrible GPS, Loses Company Thousands

Nice one, boss.
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wet wtf freeway concrete cars cement mistake Video - 107175425

Cars Stop On Freeway, Get Wet Cemented

There's some concrete evidence for the insurance company.
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Sad pics bad sucks FAIL disaster accident cars cement break mess mistake funny stupid animals - 7273989

19 Times Someone's Day Took a Massive Turn for the Worse

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cover image about a news fail

17 Times Life Dealt People a Bad Hand

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trees archeology jobs medicine work mistakes misunderstanding cement journalism - 6121477

Twitter Answers Things Everyone Misunderstands About Their Job

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Unfortunate Unlucky People

17 Unfortunate Events That Happened to Unlucky People

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Someone is Always There to Screw Things Up

cement driving monday thru friday road work - 8376085504
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Close Enough

monday thru friday bricks Close Enough cement there I fixed it - 8278630144
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Back to Square One

cement jerk monday thru friday - 8228407552
Via galactica216

Well, There's Your Problem Right There

whoops cars cement fail nation g rated - 8206237440
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Now We Have to Redo the Whole Ducking Thing

monday thru friday work cement - 8176077824
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Ducks Just Don't Give a Duck About Your Construction

animals duck cement construction - 8177656576
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My Whole Life is a Lie!

bricks concrete cement g rated monday thru friday - 7889065984
Created by Unknown

"Whadya Mean We Hafta Redo the Parking Lot?!"

you had one job cement - 7195891200
Created by Unknown

This Guy is One Sorry Bloke

whoops cars bad day cement - 7094514432
Created by Unknown

This Guy Didn't Have Time to Wait for Cement to Dry

cement bike fail nation g rated - 7102292224
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