cell phones

technology that people remember when it came out, but is now obsolete

Now-Obsolete Technology That People Remember When It Was New

It was exciting, man.
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Meh, Close Enough

apple cell phones there I fixed it Samsung - 7977186048
By sith10_97

Modern Relationships

cell phones AutocoWrecks relationships g rated - 7963681280
By Unknown

Now This Gesture Actually Works!

gloves cell phones AutocoWrecks g rated - 7958551808
By Unknown

Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them

cell phones Hypocrisy - 4702623232
By Unknown

Mixed Messages

cell phones signs AutocoWrecks - 7877252096
By Lesty

Wonder if He Gets Good Reception

phones cell phones virgin failbook - 7447718656
By SammyJoeLulz

Works Every Time

phones cell phones arabic - 7803749632
By Unknown

Corded Cellphone

cell phones funny there I fixed it tape - 7779390464
By bloodybrit

What's More Surprising: That This Can Still Receive Calls or That it's Not a Smart Phone?

repairs cell phones Electrical tape funny - 7537500672
By Unknown

100 Teenagers Kicked Off Plane for Not Putting Their Damn Phones Away

cell phones teenagers funny - 7541252864
By Unknown (Via
cell phones smartphones technology mothers day parenting funny - 50095617

Make Momma Proud This Mother's Day

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Well That Doesn't Seem Right

cell phones - 7373125632
By Unknown

Not Everything

taylor swift cell phones - 7374500352
By TheBearKat

Cellphone battery on iPod touch

cell phones kludges batteries - 7347814144
By Jonathan

Bow Down To Your New God!

cell phones modern discourse g rated AutocoWrecks - 7317680128
By Unknown
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