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Tumblr Thread: 70s House Is Carpeted Geometry Salad

That's a lot of vaccuming.
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pictures of gaudy, weird and ugly home design

Bad, Weird and Unique Home Design Choices

Ever wanted a plaid floor?
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You Were Supposed to Go Left, Moron!

Via distinguishedbaloney

Anybody Have Any Carpet Seeds?

facepalm what kids these days carpet - 8484062976
By PrettyMax

Nice Sweatshirt, it Would Look Great on My Floor

poorly dressed sweatshirt carpet - 8282170880
Via @adagamov

Perfect for Those Cold Mornings

Via Bits and Pieces

Carp Love Beer

beer carpet funny - 8227460352
Via Havsie

Darn, Lost My Feet Again

shoes poorly dressed matching carpet - 8139649792
Via geg773

Perfect Camouflage

tights poorly dressed camouflage carpet g rated - 8043214080
Via cherry_blossoms_89

Aladdin's Real Magic Carpet Ride

cars duct tape carpet - 7706444032

I Bet She Does

girlfriend dating carpet - 7104190208
By aaron.czubak

Well, What Did He Say?

carpet - 5100775936
By Unknown

BRB, Changing Grandma's Litterbox

animals carpet cat grandma poop - 6343987456
By LanaDarkess

Call the Carpet Cleaners...

carpet copy machine ink spill - 6327966208
By Unknown

Carpet Promotion WIN

carpet condom double entendre protection pun - 6237803008
Via Reddit

Not the Purple Drank!

carpet passed out - 6214417408
By purpledrank7
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