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Mathematically How Do You Best Shuffle Cards

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Love Is in the Genes?

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There's No Apology Like an Embarrassed Kid Apology

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Even More Virtuoso Card Shuffling!

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Where's the "Jesus Sends His Regards" Section?!

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Check Out These Card Shuffles in Slow Motion and Appreciate the Magic

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Chicks Dig Scars, Right?

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She's Super Fishy

something is fishy, like that fish
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Miss Finland Pulls of a Ballsy Bluff Against a Poker Pro

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Valentine's Is Less Fun When You're Married

You've already done the hard part. So, it's pretty much over.
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Well, What the Hell Did You Mean?

love is a tricky word.
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Well Done, Valentine's Card Company, Well Done.

maybe it's a mirror that shows you your true self?
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13 Cards to Help You Awkwardly Express Your Strange Brand of Love

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Love for the Modern Day

lying in bed and look at your phone is how you show true love
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A Valentine Card Must Fit the Recipient Perfectly

a collection of weird valentine's day cards.
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An Honest Valentine

it's not going to suck itself valentine's card
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