Makeshift Prison

cardboard couch drunk duct tape passed out stacking tape - 4448412928
By Sam-jim

Better Than Blankets

cardboard drunk keystone passed out stacking - 4451631360
By rmizzzac

DIY Flip-Flops

cardboard DIY flip flops slippers - 4487883776
By Unknown

Instant Drywall Repair

cardboard Professional At Work - 4472976128
By Unknown

Mad Science Monday: You'll Never Guess Where They Keep The First Aid

cardboard computer case computer parts dangerous fire hazard - 4473173504
By jaceherman

Workplace Shanty

cardboard cubicle funny prank shanty - 4475965184
By Unknown

The New Mercedes Town and Country

bad puns cardboard cars - 4448394496
By tophtoph

We Want to Talk, But Not Look

bathroom cardboard toilets wtf - 4451468032
By johnclayton

Conan the Sort of Barbarian

armor cardboard conan muscles sword tin foil - 4320705280
By cirrat

What Do You Mean My Tabs Are Expired??

car cardboard homemade license plate sharpie - 4436931072
By Unknown

Wind, Schmind. It'll be FINE.

car window cardboard packing tape rear window - 4421755904
By Ryuusei

Makeshift Privacy

boxes cardboard cubicle door prank - 4437133312
By Unknown

Your Kids Wonder What They Did Wrong

basketball cardboard duct tape sports - 4407238656
By goomba232

No Money Left For Accessories

Apple product cardboard ipod - 4401502464
By RandyTheBrave


animals cardboard - 4385904640
By TeoS

Free Sign WIN

cardboard clever free notes signs - 4387070976