captcha robots Video win - 84937985

Robot vs. "I Am Not A Robot" Captcha Contest is a Good Video Until It's Outright Amazing

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Getting Sick of Spam FAIL

captcha technology - 5538091520
Created by Chelsea

That Wasn't Very Nice of You, Captcha

Via DiedPiepMuis

Even Captcha Gets Lonely Sometimes

Via I Heart Chaos

Nice Try, Captcha!

captcha BAMF - 8427701504
Via cokedinosaur

The Captchas Have Become Sentient!

captcha terminator skynet failbook g rated - 8395030784
Via Failbook

Also, Enjoy Your Service Charge!

captcha what - 8229766912
Created by beau.simmons.12

Forget it, Shut Down the Internet. We're Done Now.

captcha skynet failbook g rated - 8202703104
Via Brown Cardigan

Hard Captcha is Havd? Hand? Haid?

captcha - 7914273792
Created by GonzoRulz

What Are the Letters?

letters captcha - 7368083200
Created by WTFYoutube

Captcha, You've Got Quite the Mouth

captcha phone funny - 7768005632
Via Reddit

Maybe a Little Spooning Afterward

captcha funny - 4930027264
Created by lemonskeletons

Oh Come On Now...

captcha - 4957528320
Created by Unknown

And So It Begins...

captcha terminator skynet robots - 7012850176
Created by DComish

Facebook Go Home, You Are Drunk

captcha - 6824233728
Created by CelticMichaela

Heavy Metal Captcha

captcha heavy metal rock fist - 6565560320
Created by Cloud.Strife
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