Nothing like camping in the great outdoors. Since most kids have never pitched a tent, lit a fire without chemicals, or spent a night out in the woods without a smartphone and Fortnite. So get back to your roots with some homey and hilarious camping puns.

Come On In, We're Grilling Burgers in Here!

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Emergency Camp Fire WIN

marshmallows emergency camping - 6761353728

Everybody Needs a Travel Buddy!

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Every Camping Trip Needs a Portable Bar

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Following Directions FAIL

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A Bed of Fall

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Via Marie Granelli

Photo Op!

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Riverfront Property in Serbia

river cabin camping canoe - 6706104064

Yew Trees on The Road in Wales

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The Grand Canyon in a Blink

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Destination WIN!: Make that Swing a Little More Interesting

camping pool river tree house - 6619920640

Destination WIN!: A Night Under the Stars

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Destination WIN!: Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon National Park

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Via Corners of the World

After 12: Camping Anyone?

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Parenting Fails: Slenderman! No!

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There I Fixed It: American Camping

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