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2-by-4 Camera Stabilizer

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Yeah, That's Not How Cameras Work

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By Unknown

Someone Put Way More Effort Than Was Necessary Into This Update

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By Unknown

Yeah, Not Gonna Happen Bro

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By Unknown

Photography FAIL

sign photography camera irony museum - 6855210240
By Unknown

But Then Who Was Camera?

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By Unknown

Now That's an Auto-Focus!

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By Sophie Aust

Take a Picture of Your Newly Shaven Mug

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Via Recyclart

Taste the Rainbow WIN

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By Unknown

I Don't Know Bro...

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By Unknown

Autocowrecks: Plz n Thanx

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By Unknown

Waterproofing: You're Doing It Wrong

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By Dar-Kfrei

The G(hett)oPro HD

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By iancube

How Far Wood You Go for the Perfect Shot?

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By James Bacon

This Shot is Falling Apart...

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Via Señor Gif

Private Research FAIL

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By Unknown