Self-Portrait WIN

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By Unknown

Gotta Hate Those HD Cameras

camera facebook facepalm - 5339100416
By Brabber IL

Easiest Way To Get Drunk Girls To Make Out

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By Unknown

Photography Street Art WIN

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The Man Was a Visionary

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By Unknown

Zach Braff Screws a Fan on Camera!

busted camera fan Featured Fail Photo twitter Zach Braff - 5327352064
Via twitter
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Panorama Ball Camera WIN

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You'll Go Far With that Business

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By Unknown
camera dance dancing hidden Music siblings stealth Video - 26635265

Stealth Dancing WIN

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Lost WIN

camera lost park Party phone revenge sign - 5210164480
By Unknown
camera looking ogling Video We Are Dating - 25843713

Be Sure to Work Those Key Areas

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Monday Night Football Addiction

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By juperee

We Spent All Our Money On These Cool Hats

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By orcmas

The Stop Short

camera news traffic We Are Dating - 5182501632

Paper Camera WIN

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Photographs WIN

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By Rainbow_dash