things overheard after phone calls

Wild Junk People Overheard After Someone Thought They'd Hung Up

It's good to double check.
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firefighter work story calls into meeting from active burn

Firefighter Gets Dragged Into Mandatory Work Meeting During Off Hours, Calls In From Active Fire

Fired, you say?
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guy makes fake self for video calls

Guy's Creepy Video Chat Bot Could Use Some Work

Pesky work and social calls getting annoying?
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Front desk employee receives a hilarious and weird spam call | r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk JOIN u/CaptainAmero 4d Just received funniest, and weirdest, spam call. Medium So work mid-sized economy hotel decently sized tourist town Central Ontario, Canada full-time auditor, so l'm used weird stuff only comes out at night. Anyway s 3AM just finished running my audit, and get phone call an American number, which immediately sends an alarm off my head, only because thinking 's one our owners calling one

Hotel Auditor Receives Funniest And Weirdest Spam Call

Just another strange day on the job.
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cops 911 funny stories call crime lol stories funny stupid reasons police - 8942597

16 Dumb Reasons People Called 911

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People share times that they were able to put a stop to repeat marketing/phone scam calls.

People Share When They Successfully Stopped A Repeat Marketing Or Scam Call

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man hacks a scammer

Guy Hacks a Scammer Til He Goes Ape-Sh*t

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police respond to road rage

Police Respond to Stupidest Road Rage Call They've Seen This Year

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Call of Duty: When Duty Calls

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When My Ex Calls

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Drunk Level Over 9000

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Chuck Norris Won't Be Denied

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