Couple Goes Viral for Finding a Live Rat Stowed Away in a House Plant for Sale at Home Depot

Couple Goes Viral for Finding a Live Rat Stowed Away in a House Plant for Sale at Home Depot

You go in to buy plants to brighten up your home, you return with a new wild pet rat…
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school's choir concert streamed live due to coronavirus

California School's Choir Concert Cancelled, They Perform Remotely

Through technology and unity they put on quite the show.
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sketchy place mentioned on Tumblr that is like the x files

Tumblr Thread About Sketchy Place In California Sounds Like An X-Files Episode

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bros california stereotypes Video - 85974785

Jimmy Tatro Poking Fun at Southern Cali Bros With Hilarious Stereotypes Is Comedy Gold

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overhead la stories

24 Shamelessly Superficial Conversations Overheard in LA That'll Make You Wonder Why It's Called 'The City of Angels'

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california FAIL news - 153350

In a Strange Twist of Fate, It Finally Snows in Santa Clara, California, Except It's Foam

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twitter brexit california new york - 1123589

Exit Strategy of the Day: Twitter Wants New York and California to Secede; Calexit and NYexit are Trending

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FAIL california driving Video - 81092609

When Your Neighborhood has a Terribly-Designed Intersection, Filming the Chaos Might Be the Only Joy is Brings

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mall news california Video flood - 77388289

Dude Loses His Sh*t When He Finds His Car in Flooded Parking Garage

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They Can Only Do That With Their Tears

They Can Only Do That With Their Tears
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"Won't People Get too Salty?"

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Nice Job On the ALS, but at WHAT COST????

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Poor California

mars totally has more water than california
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Let's All Pitch in and Beat This Drought!

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What if the Solution to California's Drought Was Right in Front of Our Stupid Faces?

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Southern California is Getting its First Snow in Over Ten Years!

snow weather california winter - 8415654912
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