I like that big butt and I will not lie. If you like a bodacious rear shaking in your face, then you will get sprung with all of these awesome butt lists and everything having to do with your favorite (and the best) part of the human anatomy. 

butt talk show paul rudd talent lol dumb funny - 107603969

Paul Rudd Shares His Talent For Turning His Hand Into A Butt On Talk Show

Now that's how you handle a talk show.
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Funny things that look like butts | pumpkin with butt cheeks | tree trunk that is shaped like a buttocks

Stuff that Looks like Butts

Hey look it's literally sexual objectification.
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guy films wife's butt and gets blamed for sexual misconduct

Dude Gets Misidentified as Total Pervert While Taking Picture of Wife's Butt

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cover image of a design fail for a card and a clothing line

25+ Dark and Dirty Design Failures to Get Your Filthiness On

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butt twitter names silly dumb funny censorship email offensive - 6629637

Twitter's Offensively-Named People Bond Over Their Plight

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butt sports goal hockey - 1657861

Watch This Hockey Player Score a Goal on His Own Team with His Own Butt — Yeah, That's Right, His Butt

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Picture of phone from Amazon that is very small and fits in your hand or other body parts.

The Reviews Are In! This Tiny Phone Sold On Amazon Fits Snuggly In Your Butt and Is Perfect for Prison

When you get arrested, you only get one phone call, but with this handy little guy, you can make as many as you need. Amazon is currently selling a " Beat The Boss 3in1 " cellphone designed to do just that. With its compact design and rounded edges, you'll have no trouble at all shoving this thing where the sun don't shine and getting it behind bars. Yup, this is the perfect cellphone to cram into your ass and use in prison. Check out these specs: Wow! The size of a finger! Sounds like this is…
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Irony Alert: Guy Hides Stolen Gold In His Butt Is Convicted By Judge Doody And Like C'Mon

fail guy smuggles gold in his butt
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Canada butt tattoo - 1337861

Guy Gets Massive Tattoo of a Goose on His Ass. Delivering on an Internet Promise in the Most Epic Way Possible

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Dat Cleavage! ....Oh Wait

bra breasts butt cleavage We Are Dating - 5417776128
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These Teammates Must Be Close

butt FAIL names sexy times olympics - 8968122624
Created by Unknown

Music is Relaxing... For Your Whole Body

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butt hinter dating - 116230

How to Keep the Doctor Away

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The Holy One

butt dogs jesus twitter - 8809982208
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butt FAIL Video - 169991

When Jennifer Lopez Takes a Bow, You'll Know Why This Camera Was Focused On Her Most Famous Asset the Whole Time

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American Teens: Butt Chug at a Party or the Terrorist Have Won

American Teens: Butt Chug at a Party or the Terrorist Have Won
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