Ellen Degeneres catches audience member stealing

Ellen Calls Out Audience Member For Stealing

Should've played by the rules.
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girl claims to have drawn well known internet drawing of alice and wonderland's rabbit and she gets called out - cover image to a list of hilarious fails

15 Hilarious Moments Where Liars Got Busted On Social Media

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Top 10 times idiots got called out on social media for trying to call out sick from work with lame excuses.

Top 10 Times Employees Got Called Out By Internet For Fake Sick Days

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busted FAIL TV performance lip sync Video - 84523777

Mariah Carey's Brazen Attitude While Being Busted for Lip Synching Might Have Been the Most Fitting Way to Close Out 2016

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After Finding Out the Truth About His Cheating Girlfriend, This Guy Comforted Himself Knowing He Hadn't Bought Her a Christmas Gift Yet

funny dating image guy blasts ex on instagram as a cheater and buys himself BAPE outfit
Via @mikepalella
busted FAIL rant parenting sexy times Video - 84131585

After This Mom Finds His Son With a Girl, She Puts Them on Blast With the Biggest Cockblock Move of 2016

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caught busted FAIL reaction drones Video dating - 318215

This Guy Caught His Wife Cheating By Following Her With a Drone and Decided To Put it On Youtube

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Sending Revenge Nudes is Never a Good Idea, Especially To Your Ex's Teenage Son

funny fail image woman arrested after sending revenge nudes to ex's teenage son
Via The Des Moines Register

It's as Easy as Swipe and Snort

funny fail image drug dealer busted for using credit card machine
Via @BBCGlos
busted stupid criminals FAIL compilation social media Video - 82565377

The Best of Criminals that Got Busted Because They Posted on Social Media About it

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Well She Can't Celebrate at 4:20, The Kids Will Be Out Already

funny parenting tweet mom gets busted for smoking back to school blunt in car
Via @SPD_Traffic
busted daycare FAIL weed Video - 82413313

A Daycare Got Busted For Growing a Sh*t Ton of Weed, But The Kids Must Have Had the Chillest Times Right?

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Driving With a Frying Pan Instead of a Sterring Wheel is Not a Hot Idea

funny fail image australian driver uses frying pan for steering wheel
Via South Australia Police

Anthony Weiner is a Great Example of How Not to Sext as a Dad

funny fail image Anthony Weiner busted sexting with toddler son in bed with him
Via @nypost

You Know You Have Zero Chill When You're Asking the Police To Use a Better Mugshot

funny fail image Australian fugitive gets caught after asking for a better mugshot on facebook
Via @7newssydney
busted tow truck Video parking - 267783

Good Guy Citizen Catches Philadelphia Tow Truck Company Baiting Cars and Towing Them

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