Tumblr discusses the McDonald's hot coffee case | If this another country have tell this coffee may be hot. Good thing this is Canada! whoa canada someone needs turn down sass level

Tumblr Discusses The Reality of the McDonald's Hot Coffee Case

It's actually kinda messed up what happened.
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Who Knew?

shoes burning microwaves - 7744344576
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GRRM Knows of My Plight

burning Game of Thrones sick burn burn - 7618134528
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This Date Just Got a Little Too Hot

hair timing date burning - 7078391040
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Candlelight Surprise FAIL

hair burning accident fire - 6752304896
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Burned, Literally

burned burning shirt - 6477568768
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Leaving The Iron On FAIL

burning fire Hall of Fame laundry womenamirite - 5939479552
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burning failboat fireman g rated job picture - 4385601280
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