dodged bullet and close call stories

Freaky Close Calls That People Somehow Avoided

Uh, thanks fate.
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freaky close calls and dodged bullets

Freaky Times People Dodged Life-Ruining Bullets

It's chaos out there, man.
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stories of times people barely dodged a bad situation | Freshman year college had calc class material had learned before, but various reasons they didn't give transfer credit. So skipped class quite frequently. Though usually slept one morning find myself awake at 8:30 and not really feeling like sleep. Might as well check on class and see 's going on midterm exam.

The Biggest Bullets People Dodged

That was close.
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The King of Bullets

chess bullets design g rated win - 8123191296
Via The Awesomer

Because When You Think Canada, You Think Bullet Holes

bad Canada wtf tattoos bullets funny - 7616028928
By Simone

Why Would a Bullet Have an Eye Patch?

bullets - 4653007616
By Merc

What Do These Things Have in Common?

arm tattoos clowns bullets - 7125893120
By milw414

Bullet Headphones WIN

bullets design Music - 5797547520
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Still Alive WIN

bullets close call driving truck - 5371403776
By Tyler

Sword Maestry WIN

bullets gifs gun skills sword - 4737384448
By Zaar150


bad idea bullets failboat guns Probably bad News - 4175537408
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bullets child failboat g rated unfortunate - 2238246144
By soandso87


bullets failboat germs guns medical prevention suicide warning - 3849760256
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