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Oscillating Fan Becomes Bubble Machine With Wonderfully Dumb Ingenuity

Just in case anyone wants to engineer their own semi-functional bubble machine, all it takes is a fan, a coat hanger, an O-ring, some string, a cinder block, and something to strap it all together. It's one of those solid reminders that people can do literally anything they want to with their free time. But hey, it's not like we've engineered our own bubble machine, so points to this person for figuring it out.
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Florida Man Trying to Run to Bermuda in a Bubble Was Rescued by the Coast Guard (Again)

bubble running rescue Florida Man Trying to Run to Bermuda in a Bubble Was Rescued by the Coast Guard (Again)
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Bubble-Blowing

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The Bubble Magician is Ready to Pop Again!

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What, You Told Me to Take a Bath!

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Everyone Loves Pretending to Be an Astronaut, Even Other Astronauts

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Curse You Bubbles!

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I'm Trapped!

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Sending Information Via Bubbles

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Admit it, You Would Try This at Least Once

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Ebulliophobia: Fear of Bubbles

bubbles kids fear parenting - 8083430656
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Here's How to Make a Gigantic, Beautiful Soap Bubble

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