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Update: Entitled Parents Play Favorites Older Brother, Dejected Younger Finds Out Why

This is one of those threads where all you can do is think to yourself, “Oof. That's rough, buddy." as you read. Some people had the absolute misfortune of being born into twisted families where the parents were either entirely selfish or just wanted nothing to do with their child. This Redditor had initially posted about six months ago to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit to see if he was wrong for having an issue with the fact that his parents had bought his older brother a car but…
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woman walks around in underwear and family freaks out about it

Woman Walks Around In Underwear, Sister-In-Law Absolutely Freaks Out, Battle Lines Are Drawn

Was any of this necessary?
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Guy's divorced brother keeps making creepy insulting comments about guy's wife, gets kicked out

Divorced Brother Won't Stop Insulting Dude's Wife, He Kicks Him To The Curb

No wonder his marriage didn't work out.
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Story Update: Kleptomaniac Nephew Steals $4k Engagement Ring, Parents Refuse to Intervene, Ring Recovered Regardless

This guy saved up for a year for a $4k engagement ring for his girlfriend, hoping to take the next step with her. He could not have possibly anticipated what would happen to that ring when he accepted his brother's family into his home after his brother lost his job. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A--Hole) subreddit by the owner of the ring. He posted the subject to appeal to readers and gauge whether or not he was in the wrong for kicking his brother's family out after his…
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guy brings up brother's affair in wedding speech

Brother Stands Up For Cheated On Ex, Demolishes Brother In Wedding Speech

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brother-in-law demands food be brought to him, gets it on child toy dishes

Childish Brother-In-Law Demands To Be Treated Like Lord, Gets Dinner On Toy Dishes

Bon Appetit.
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Insane Brother Puts a Hidden Tracking App on His Fiancée's Phone, Sister Wants to Tell Her

Is it worse that her boyfriend is the one helping her brother?
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Sister Reveals Brother's Four Illegitimate Children to Fiancé, Ruins Engagement

How many "accidents" can you have?
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Woman "Ruins" Brother's Engagement By Telling Fiancé About His Four Secret Children

The brother has the audacity to get mad about the “private” details of his four existing kids being told to his future wife. It's pretty safe to say this guy had no intention of telling his own fiancé about his complicated family tree, so good on OP for letting it slip. The hell does this guy think he is, just Mr. Magooing his way into making all these people. It's not like you can just slip on a freshly waxed floor and accidentally get more than one woman pregnant. This guy needs locking under…
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13 reddit text images | thumbnail grey background text "Living with roommates, oh the horror. We've been there a time or two, or three. It doesn't matter how good of friends you are, how much you like each other, or how much you hate each other, there will always be some trivial issues that instigate arguments and unpleasantry. "

Brother Constantly Invites Friends Over Without Warning Roommate, He Waits Naked Every Time

Family drama
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funny memes about having brothers and sisters

Sibling Memes For Those Who Never Got To Sit In The Good Chair

Sorry only children, these might not make sense.
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Guy takes a jump scare revenge on his twin brother, sends him into total terror.

Guy Jump Scares Twin Brother, Sends Brother Into Terror Zone

Beautiful work there, mad lad.
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funny family memes about growing up

Family Memes About The Joys Of Domestic Life

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child prodigy brother told a girl doesn't like him because he's a jerk, not because he's smart

Condescending Genius Brother Finally Gets Told He's a Jerk

Being smart isn't everything.
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Brother learns his lesson in the value of not antagonizing the chef. | marisatomay my brother has been criticizing all day and he told if wasn't happy could go somewhere else so wouldn't ruin everyone else's dinner so took massive bowl pasta special sauce spent last 2 hours making scratch whole family and left marisatomay really is incredibly bold mercilessly criticize person who is not only making dinner but also holding knife

Tumblr Post: Brother Learns Lesson In Not Irritating The Chef

Power move.
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decorating brother's room as a little girl's pink room | You know, I'm lazy to change this That is real issue...

Little Bro Alters Older Bro's Facebook Profile, Older Bro Redecorates His Room

Sibling rivalry at its finest.
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