Story of a kid who broke his arm and bent it to prove to the nurse it was broken.

Kid Breaks His Arm, Has to Prove It To Nurse

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Tweets of people's stories of people injuring themselves in stupid ways.

People's Dumbest and Most Embarrassing Freak Injuries

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bad terrible frustrating wtf FAIL disaster accident fire problem broken mistake funny awful stupid - 8977925

27 Unfortunate Times Life Made Things Complicated

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story about family demanding free stuff and getting denied

Kid Demands Free Merch, Freaks Out When Company Sends Him Demolished Skateboard

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funny wtf fail pics

27 Disappointing Moments That Threw People for a Loop

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Better to Be Broke, Than Broken Hearted

funny dating tweet video games are for nerds
Via @NathanZed

2 Girls, 1 Bathroom Ride

By Unknown

Everything That Falls Gets Broken

Everything That Falls Gets Broken facebook status
Via bored
ouch FAIL compilation broken Video - 78434817

If It Ain't Broke, It Is Now

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FAIL planes windows broken Video - 77215745

Need to Break All Your Government Building Windows? That's a Job For the Brazilian Air Force!

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Well That Lasted About as Long as Teen on Prom Night

FAIL broken irony - 8580886528
By Jon B.

We're Gonna Need a Buster in the Office

Via 13goody13

Best School Ever

do the students get a new desk a week?
Via Nerd Kiki

Discount Plumbing Strikes Again!

broken pipe plumbing Professional At Work window - 4703697152
By Joar
repair faucet broken Video - 71247361

Maybe This Faucet Isn't Broken, but Just Thirsty?

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Just One of Those Days FAIL

broken derp gifs hockey sports - 5496646144
By Unknown
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