Beggar Bride asks stranger to be bridesmaid because she gives expensive gifts - from wedding shaming FB page

'Are you serious?': Tone-deaf 'Beggar Bride' tries to cash in, asks woman she only met ONCE to be her bridesmaid

This bridesmaid did not hold back when she was asked a pretty awkward question by someone she literally just met.
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AITA for canceling a wedding gift when the wedding was canceled?

Bride and Groom Break Up Before Wedding, She Gets Mad at Sister-in-Law for Canceling $700 Wedding Gift

You can't cancel your wedding and still collect your gifts, honey.
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AITA for only inviting some of my sister's children to my wedding?

'I'm sorry but ten kids is a big cost on our wedding budget': Drama ensues when bride invites only some of her religious sister's kids

Does it make you a bridezilla to not invite all 10 of your sister's children?
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AITA for kicking a server out of my wedding? | "The server(19-ish f) had on clearly too much eyeliner. she also had diamond studs in her ears a flashy ring, and one of those ugly nose studs. The staff's uniform was a black long-sleeved shirt but on her, it was too low cut and her pants were far too tight."

Bridezilla Kicks Server Out of Her Wedding For Outshining Her

No one's going to fault you for being a little on edge on your wedding day… but nothing is an excuse to be rude to wait staff; this bride's apparent insecurities led her to act in a way that jumps clear over the line of acceptable behavior. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A**hole) subreddit by the bride, Reddit user u/Present-Ad-3934, who shared her story to the popular sub in order to see whether or not she was in the wrong for how she reacted towards the server at her wedd…
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AITA for walking out of my Birthday dinner after my sister and her boyfriend announced they were getting married ?

'She said it was the perfect time to announce their engagement': Future bridezilla upstages sister on her birthday

You know that feeling when you realize your sister is going to be a bridezilla?
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AITA for telling my SIL that she upstaged me at my wedding?

Bride Accuses Sister-in-Law of Upstaging Her at the Wedding by Just Showing Up

Jealousy knows no bounds, I guess. This sister-in-law got in trouble for showing up and wearing perfectly appropriate attire for her brother's wedding.
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AITA for not going to my best friend's wedding after she said I won't be her maid of honor?

Maid of Honor Fired for Forcing Her "Cheap Lifestyle" Onto Bridezilla

There's nothing like a Bridezilla ruining a lifelong friendship for a party.
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AITA for cutting off support to my daughter?

Father of the bride books wedding venue only for daughter to have homewrecking stepdad walk her down the aisle

Wedding planning always brings drama, especially when there are complicated family dynamics involved.
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"AITA for kicking my MOH out of my wedding party because she was being a buzz kill?"

Bride Fires Maid of Honor for Being a Buzzkill

Planning a wedding can bring out the absolute worst in people. That's pretty much impossible to avoid and that seems to be what happened to u/Final_Cream6177 , who shared her story about her fractured relationship with her Maid of Honor on Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole thread . Here's the scoop. u/Final_cream6177 enlisted her best friend Kathy, a professional wedding planner, to be her MOH. Kathy had planned countless weddings before and everything seemed to be going smoothly. That is, until a coupl…
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aita bride sisters parenting wedding sister bridezilla Reddit weddings children - 16310789

Bride Loses it When Sister Brings Her "Child" to Bride's Childfree Wedding, That Child is 19 Years Old

Since when is 19 years old a child?
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Best man decides to roast the bridezilla during a scathing wedding toast.

Best Man Roasts Bridezilla With Wedding Toast, Drama Ensues

Probably best to keep that temper in check.
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insane bride marriage bridesmaids entitled bridezilla - 16157957

Mechabridezilla Details Insane List of Demands For Wedding, Bridesmaid Drops Out

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bride Crazy Brides sister bridezilla weddings - 15760901

Sister Accused of Upstaging the Bride When She Achieves Massive Weight-loss Before Sister’s Wedding

With sisters like these who needs enemies?
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entitled bride doesn't want grooms grandma at wedding

Entitled Bride Doesn't Want Fiancé's Grandma At Wedding Because She Isn't Cool

The internet weighed in.
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Woman refuses to attend a bridezilla's wedding and asks if she's in the wrong.

Woman Refuses To Attend Bridezilla's Wedding, Asks If She's In The Wrong

Seems reasonable enough.
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Bridezilla keeps money from cancelled wedding, upset she didn't get more, burns all her bridges

Karen Bride Keeps Money From Cancelled Wedding, Vaporizes All Bridges

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