insane bride marriage bridesmaids entitled bridezilla - 16157957

Mechabridezilla Details Insane List of Demands For Wedding, Bridesmaid Drops Out

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bride Crazy Brides friends relationships wedding - 15984901

Delusional Entitled Bride Insists Seamstress Friend Make Her A Wedding Dress For Free

Some people just expect everything for free.
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crazy bride Crazy Brides friends wedding - 15968261

Bridezilla Uninvites Grieving Friend From Her Wedding Because of “Cultural”Requirements

It's no wonder you don't have many friends.
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bride Crazy Brides sister bridezilla weddings - 15760901

Sister Accused of Upstaging the Bride When She Achieves Massive Weight-loss Before Sister’s Wedding

With sisters like these who needs enemies?
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Bridezilla tries to bail on catering the day before the wedding.

Bridezilla Attempts To Bail On Catering Day Before Wedding

Nice try on that one.
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Bridesmaid gets kicked out of wedding for cutting her hair, proceeds to sue bride.

Bridesmaid Gets Kicked Out Of Wedding For Cutting Hair, Sues Bride

Should've served that lawsuit up at the altar.
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entitled bride doesn't want grooms grandma at wedding

Entitled Bride Doesn't Want Fiancé's Grandma At Wedding Because She Isn't Cool

The internet weighed in.
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Bride's friend wants to use her wedding for her photos, and gets promptly rejected.

Bride's Friend Wants To Use Her Wedding For Photos, Bride Refuses

Timing is everything.
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Bridezilla keeps money from cancelled wedding, upset she didn't get more, burns all her bridges

Karen Bride Keeps Money From Cancelled Wedding, Vaporizes All Bridges

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tik tok bride FAIL funny wedding photos cringe Awkward ridiculous Video - 2379782

Bride's Mid-Wedding Surprise From Groom Is Pure Exuberant Cringe

Should've brought on more singers.
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bride marriage groom FAIL cringe relationships ridiculous tiktok - 2382342

Groom Checks Phone As Bride Walks Down Aisle

Maybe it was the nerves.
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A maid of honor decides to quit the wedding because her husband wasn't invited.

Maid Of Honor Quits Wedding Because Husband Isn't Invited

So many red flags from that bride.
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friend keeps stealing wedding ideas

Woman Cuts Out Copycat Friend Who Keeps Stealing Wedding Plans

Who even wants an exact copy of a wedding?
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Mother-of-the-bride wears a white dress, and the maid of honor asks her to change it | AITA not letting my MIL attend my SIL's wedding unless she changed her dress first This happened while ago, no big weddings during pandemic dw 24F maid honour at wedding my brother and his wife (my sister law While were planning wedding, my SIL mentioned overbearing her mom can be, and she always feels bad asking her stop being an attention hog told my SIL on wedding day, l'd take care her, no matter .

Mother-Of-The-Bride Wears White Dress, Maid Of Honor Asks Her To Change

Not cool at all, mom.
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A bride and groom become enraged when their precious honeymoon fund box gets moved off the bar.

Bride And Groom Get Enraged When Honeymoon Fund Box Gets Moved

Glad that their plan failed miserably.
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Bridesmaid wants to bail on the wedding after the couple breaks up.

Bridesmaid Wants To Bail On Wedding After Couple Breaks Up

Seems completely fair.
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