cool and interesting brickwork

Fancy Brickwork To Gawk At And Feel Unskilled Over

The one time "being as graceful as a brick" is a compliment.
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attempted thief gets hit with brick that he throws at car after it bounces off the window

Attempted Car Thief Gets Taste of Bouncing Brick

Instant Carma.
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dude has dad's ashes made into a brick, comment section reacts

Guy Unsure What To Do With Dad Ash Brick, Comments Section Gets Morbidly Hilarious

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wtf safety fails

17 Safety Fails That Are Screaming for OSHA

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bricks art lego construction redneck fixed there I fixed it - 4981253

10 Highly Questionable Fixes

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bricks FAIL China crime dumb robbery burglars police - 359430

Robbery Fail Will Make Your Face Hurt With Laughter

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bricks washing machine googly eyes Video - 79186177

You've Seen a Brick Destroy a Washing Machine, But Like Most Things, Slapping Some Googly Eyes on it Makes it That Much Better

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Just a Snake Playing a Little Snake

Via bluefishredsea

Kool-Aid Man Strikes Again

bricks cover up kool-aid man wall - 4081921536

Nope, Not Going to be a Good Day

bricks whoops bad day truck - 8320345088
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Close Enough

monday thru friday bricks Close Enough cement there I fixed it - 8278630144
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Staying Dry on the Job

monday thru friday bricks umbrella work construction rain - 8195980032
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I Was GOING to Say That You Had One Job...

monday thru friday bricks FAIL work - 8178716416
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Brick and Mortar and Art

art bricks sculpture - 8081199104
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I'm Going Insane Just Looking at This

bricks evil ocd fail nation g rated - 8043370240

You Might Want to Consider Some Fiber

bricks bathroom funny toilet - 7898087680
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