Nasty Mother-In-Law's Bribe Backfires

Man, this mother-in-law sounds like she was channeling the very worst of herself. She'd play nice when everyone was around, and soon as the room was cleared, she'd bombard the woman set to get married, with all kinds of toxic BS, and eventually even a bribe to leave. Well, the woman certainly played it cool. She gladly took the money offered, and figured she'd stick around thereafter. I love it. 

A nasty mother-in-law bribe backfires terribly | r/pettyrevenge u/trollthemormons Join 2y mother--law bribe backfired This is not my story. This told by woman knew work several years ago; she's very sweet nurse. Nurse graduated nursing school and decided with her friend move one cities listed as having most eligible bachelors some publication. She moves and starts dating her future husband.
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