Tetris trauma twitter

Twitter Thread: Tetris Can Reduce Mental Trauma

And they said video games were bad.
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Tumblr thread on Magenta and the human brain

Tumblr Thread: Magenta Doesn't Exist, It's Just The Brain Doing Its Best

Thanks, brain.
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funny stories of dumb things people did with their minds on autopilot

Stupid Things People Did On Autopilot

That's a woopsie.
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intelligent outsmarting moves

Brilliant Moves of Highly Variable Effectiveness

There's the smartness.
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people who think they are very smart

Bragging Mind Lords Who Believe They're Total Geniuses

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McGurk Effect shows how brains interpret sounds differently based on what the listener is seeing

The McGurk Effect Is Some Black Magic Audio-Visual Trickery

Bah. Bah. Bah.
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cringeworthy people who believe they're smart | OMG 's an angel Their brain isnt evolved have sense religion and afterlife, marked by some act like burial and making humanoid shaped art. They simply dont understand they dont understand and dont make any assumption explain certain phenomena.

Cringey Mind-Tyrants Who Tried Too Hard to Seem Smart

Take a deep breath, dude.
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A funny Tumblr thread about how comic sans helps people write | arahir use comic sans write hate this so much but this knowledge is too powerful keep all. last night @phaltu discovered setting font comic sans google docs improves writing speed and creativity by an insane amount no said and "die" but then tried and god wish wasn't this way wish wasn't true wish could protect all this but 's real. something about this font is so disarming. something about this font lets look past shape words and

Tumblr Thread: Comic Sans Inspires Creative Flow

It just works.
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cringeworthy people who believe they're smart | Today 21:11 anyway, u also seem like an easy going person, which really adore so much self deprecating humor already haha am being intimidating tend write high level english already upfront.but dont worry u can rest assured dont intens overwhelm fact trying impress u u also hav wide pelvis bone, which make u look fertile and procreation-ready, thus more feminine and attractive.say like woman deserves grow my seeds. real question now:will u nurse my

Brain-Tyrants Who Think They're Literal Geniuses

Oh great.
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ridiculous people who think they're smart and brag about it | use long words make sound more photosynthesis Photosynthesis is plant converts energy sun into energy its body word can not be used sentence 16:04

Ridiculous People Who Think They're Geniuses

Cool, man.
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Dumb people bragging about how smart they think they are | well, i am cursed with too knowledge for one person to contain

Absurd People Who Think They're Total Geniuses

Move over, intellectual titans coming through.
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Funny stupid mistakes people made when they weren't thinking | Kayne not Kanye @kaynecaraway blanked whenI got counter at Starbucks and said "vodka soda" and she said "huh" and said "huh" and then stared at each other until remembered there coffee.

Awkward Brain Errors that Embarrassed People

It happens to the best of us
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Funny dumb times people mistook things they were holding | jmckay88 2.5k points 1 day ago Rolled blueberry and ate dice dungeons and dragons game roleplay

Confused Times People Forgot What They Were Holding

The ol' autopilot switcharoo.
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Twitter thread from a positive psychologist on why brains are tripping out | Alexis Rockley @alexisrockley Let be clear thread Those "all over place" feelings been having? They are symptoms stress, NOT personal failures yours. Do feel FLAKEY INCONSISTENT s b/c brain doesn't know news brace next, or next month will hold.

Twitter Thread: Positive Psychologist Explains Brains Tripping Out

A strange time for our brains.
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Absurd bragging people who think they're geniuses | 6 hours ago (edited) im actually using reverse psychology get reinforce beliefs hold will lead eventual destruction, and there is nothing can do about

Laughable Individuals Who Think They're Brilliant

Way to clutter up the internet.
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Positive psychologist explains brain and body's reaction to long term stress | Alexis Rockley @alexisrockley Let be clear thread Those "all over place" feelings been having? They are symptoms stress, NOT personal failures yours.

Twitter Thread: The Brain's Reaction To Long Term Stress

Spread that kindness in these strange times.
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