AITA or a Karen for complaining about children in my bowling lane?

'Parents gave zero F's': Kids repeatedly interrupt woman's bowling game while parents ignore their children

This bowler struck out when they found their lane swarmed with little kids . As the OP tells it, she was trying to figure out if she was the a**hole in this scenario, because her friends think she is. The OP writes that while she was bowling with some friends on a weekend, she was in a lane near lots of kids. The weekends definitely are a time for parties, but the OP was annoyed that the kids kept going into her lane. Aside from the safety issues, the kids' parents wouldn't lift a finger to hel…
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20 People whose expensive mistakes cost them big

20 People whose expensive mistakes cost them big

It only takes a second to change your life forever, as these people found out when caused some rather costly mishaps. Lots of people mess up installing TVs , like one person who forgot to check for studs before installing a new flat screen . That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. From smushed car doors to demolished art pieces , these people will be thinking of that one goof-up for a long time to come. After that, help one Redditor decide their fate, as they shared this annoying message fr…
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sports bowling lol trick shot funny split - 107103233

Bowler Picks Up 7-10 Split With "Blatant Cheating"

"It's a spare in our hearts."
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FAILS FAIL bowling damage funny - 373510

Woman's Catastrophic Bowling Fail Is Why You Let Go Of the Ball

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sports FAIL bowling Video - 77280769

If You Ever Wished Bowling Was More Exciting to Watch, This Guy Has You Covered

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bowling FAIL classic news Video sports - 74612993

Classic: Tommy the Ten-Pin Isn't Going to Take Your Sh*t Anymore

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Totally On Purpose

gif strike sports bowling - 8547397120

Pure Anguish

bowling - 6973598976

The Resemblance is Striking

gifs kids slip parenting bowling - 8187991040
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sports old people rock grandma bowling Video g rated win - 68450049

Athlete of the Day: 84-Year-Old Bowling Grandma Gets a Strike

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What Goes Up...

sports gifs bowling g rated fail nation - 8422063360
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sports bowling BAMF Video - 67578113

Sports Video of the Day: Watch This Guy Bowl a Perfect Game

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Baby's First Strike!

baby parenting bowling - 8405215488
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sports so close bowling Video fail nation g rated - 67184129

This isn't Quite a Strike, but it Should Have Been

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The Best Spare You'll See

sports gifs bowling - 8397212672
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sports bowling Wait For It Video g rated win - 66225665

Still Counts? Still Counts!

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