Please for the Love of God ENTERTAIN ME

iPhones eyes bored - 6898606080
By Unknown

The Slowest, Most Droll Way to Go Out

bored powerpoint presentation sleeping - 5382306048
By Unknown

No, Really, This Text is Way More Interesting

bored make out Party photobomb texting woo girls - 5932439552
By Unknown
angry book bored Parenting Fail school Video - 30618113

Just Another Miserable Day At School. Christmas Break is Soon, Kids!

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Hot Yarn Action

emoji bored sexy times - 8403059456
By Bobby McGee

For Some of Us, Facebook IS Work...

procrastination work bored - 8071106560
By amberfer

32 Years if Work Makes for One Impressive Rubber Band Ball

bouncy bored - 7958493952
Via Metro
bored funny Video - 56019201

These Boredom Cures Will Fix Your Internet Apathy

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Hardwood Floor?

wood board bored - 4687368192
By Unknown

I've Got Wood

wood board bored spelling - 7824424192
By Brianna Paige

Facebook is Boaring

board bored spelling - 7799203840
By xjsman89 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Boredom Produces Amazing Things

remote balance bored funny - 7728329472
Via Reddit

Shiny and New to Old and Decrepit in One Advertisement

want bored phones graph - 7706572288
Via Sarah L

Chess? Checker? Of Directors?

board bored spelling - 4852104960
By Unknown

Yes, Some People Really Are This Stupid

board bored spelling stupid - 4880983296
By cel909090

Bored in Class?

class hacked irl bored - 7415518976
By Unknown
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