Bookstore Employee Shows What It's Like to Use the "Gentle Parenting" Technique on Entitled Customers

Bookstore Employee Shows What It's Like to Use the "Gentle Parenting" Technique on Entitled Customers

Karens gonna act like a child, so they're gonna get treated like one.
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29 Times Bookstore Workers Put Themselves in Their Work

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Okay, Who's Supposed to Be on Bird Duty?

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Well Played, Bookstore Worker

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Your Local Bookstore Employees Have Opinions

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Looking For Inspiration?

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One Book For the Price of Two?

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A Frequent Request

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One All-Inclusive Book Set to Rule Them All...

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Emerging Authors... Jane Austen... Leo Tolstoy...

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Four Score and Seven Years Ago, I Started Looking for Waldo in This Book...

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The Section That Every Used Bookstore Needs

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Friendly Neighborhood Business WIN

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