The Ultimate Bookbag

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Those Should Be D Batteries

give me some credit here. this is 50 shades of grey we're talking about
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I Hate How Impersonal Author-Signed Messages Can Be

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Okay, Who's Supposed to Be on Bird Duty?

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Who Needs Books?

homer doesn't like books
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Every Coming of Age Novel Ever

a prototypical first novel by young white male author
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I Too am a Fan of the Book Kind of Books

reading is sexy twitter reading facepalm books irony failbook g rated - 8433697792
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The Shimmering Distant Green Light of Embarrassment

school whoops embarrassing books the great gatsby failbook g rated - 8417173760
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Step Up to the Books

reading design books - 8417184256
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Banned Book List

literature reading banned books - 8414671360
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relaxing reading is sexy design neat books g rated win - 67452161

The Lost Art of Making a Book

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Just Because Your Over the Hill Doesn't Mean You're Not Getting Any

Sex book tells you how to get some when you're over 40

All of Computer Science is for Dummies

facepalm books computer fail nation g rated - 8408741888
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Remember Kids, Support the Authors You Love, and Buy Books You Don't Care About

reading facepalm books irony - 8406913536
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The Wonders of the Scientific Age

wtf books science funny - 8408462080
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Beer, It's an Astronomical Wonder

A strange book about astronomy and beer
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