Boobs. Mounds, Melons, Mammary Glands, Fiery Biscuits? Whatever you call them, breasts are a wonderful and incredible part of the anatomy. So sit back and revert to childhood giggling all about a nice pair of knockers, on whomever or however they hang.

At 68, Jagger Probably Has SOME Man-Boobs

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Wait 'til they tell him about the deal they have on wings

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Created by trollcave_08

A Born Romantic

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Your Leatherbound Edition of Moby Dick Makes Me So Moist

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Hacked IRL: She's Just Checking for Cancer

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Packaging FAIL

balls boobs innuendo training - 4962242304
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Ready... Aim...

beer boobs cleavage - 4925282560

Always Goes Down Better That Way

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Via Comic Blasphemy

License Plate WIN

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Created by Bassbella69

Om Nom Nom

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Made From the Flesh of a Thousand Flamingos

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Look Dad, No Hands!

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The Two Most Comfortable Pillows in the World

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Could Use More Support, or a Tighter Knit

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Name Tag and Placement FAIL

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The Cleavage to Friend Ratio

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