Story of girl who shows teacher horrible chapped lips after she takes carmex | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by Punchology Teacher tells my little sister she can't have her lip balm, sister gives her shriek inducing smile. This is my sister's story, but 's too good not share. This back she second grade, and this girl perfect child wish kidding, but no

Kid Produces Bloody Grin for Teacher Who Took Lip Balm

Sometimes you've gotta fight back the only way you can.
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Teacher teaches false information about blood being blue, so dad confronts him.

Guy Confronts Son's Teacher For Teaching "Blue Blood" Myth

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Climate activists fail to secure loose hose of fake blood.

Runaway Fake Blood Hose Is Bad Look For Climate Activists

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Woman tells story about how boss's new dress code has her walking in an uncomfortable dress and high heels, so she lets her feet bleed to prove a point.

Boss Requires Staff to Wear Heels All Day, Bartender Proves Extreme Point

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scary terrible road Blood creepy interesting cars truck stories awful weird - 7962629

11 Freaked Out Individuals Share The Creepiest Thing They've Seen on The Road

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Blood test FAIL affair Genetics divorce family biology college win - 4880389

Girl Uncovers Devastating Family Secret via Bio Class Exercise

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scary Blood movies Video - 84588801

Someone Killed the Lighthearted Humor in Home Alone By Reimagining the Movie With Lots of Blood

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Photoshop battle of a bloody nosed marathon runner that is the inner athlete in all of us

A Guy Ran a Marathon With a Bloody Nose and Won This Amazing Photoshop Battle

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Faith in Humanity: Fully Restored

alcohol Blood failbook facebook - 8794070784
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Helping Your Community Erect A Better Future

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blue Blood science Video - 67860225

Is Blood Ever Blue?

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I'll Just Stick With Having My Blood, Thanks

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I Don't Think This is an Officially Sanctioned Betty White Product

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Blood Cells Are Very Tiny

Blood cells science - 8416862720
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The Best Reason to Breakup

The crips don't like bloods of any kind. Even period bloods
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Help Out a Stiffy in Need, Brother

Blood butt stuff dude parts what failbook - 8346806528
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