Two random guys came to see a new baby | are at hospital. Having baby today! She has dilated between 5-6. Today 9:04 AM Congrats lol but think someone got wrong number

The Wholesome Time Two Random Dudes Came to See A New Baby

Hey, why not.
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Medical professionals and people tell stories of stupid pregnancy misconceptions.

Medical Professionals and Bystanders Share the Weirdest Pregnancy Misconceptions They've Witnessed

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Guy gets a wrong number text for a baby birth so he visits the mother.

Wholesome Wrong Number Text Ends In Dudes Coming To See New Baby

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You Can't Spell Neonatal Intensive Care Unit...

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Rock-a-bye Baby

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"My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today, so I took one."

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3-Year-Old Has a Pretty Firm Grasp on the Complexities of Child Birth

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You're Not True Hardcore Mom Enough if You Had a C-Section Birth, According to These Idiots

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This is What Happens When You Announce Your Child's Birth at Work

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Animals Can Give Birth in Odd Ways

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Already Multitasking!

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Ectogenesis Is it Evil?

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Sometimes You Should Just Say Congrats

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Where Do You Fall on the Scale?

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She Gets a Little Bit Farther Every Time

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Your Kids Don't Want to See That Video

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