Tumblr user finds exercpts of their eleven year old self trying to rewrite the bible | punkfaery going through my microsoft word archives is great fun because always find wildest shit there and by wildest shit mean time tried rewrite entire bible scratch at age eleven and half punkfaery "And so Adam and Eve were cast out Garden Eden, and Eve turned Adam and said Nice going, loser."

Tumblr Thread: Excerpts from Bible Rewritten by Eleven Year Old

They got pretty close.
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Landlord "uses the Bible" to justify a rent hike, and the tenant totally misses the joke.

Landlord Uses Bible To Justify Raising The Rent, Tenant Misses The Joke

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airbnb party

Rude Bible Study Group Wrecks Guy's AirBnB And Girlfriend Live-Tweets It All

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guy rants about bible hypocrisy against gays

Guy Destroys Homophobic Haters With Brilliant Rant on Bible Hypocrisy

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Prehistoric Debate

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You Don't Know The Dinosaur Called Bible?

school bible dinosaurs - 8517770496
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if you sprinkle while you tinkle

bible bathroom peeing - 7592328704
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Damn Bible You Sexy

pray for awesome genitals
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bible misconceptions funny Video - 69796097

Biblical Misconceptions

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Yoga Has Several Major Starting Positions, Including "The Reluctant Evangelical"

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None Come to the Craig Unless Through Me

religion whoops bible quote failbook g rated - 8464424192
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That's Biblical Advice?

there is the weirdest relationship advice in the bible
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I Hate How Impersonal Author-Signed Messages Can Be

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Citation Needed

religion bible mind blown failbook - 8422062336
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jesus bible Hillary Clinton political pictures - 8397233664
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And Yea, the Movement Was Good

Bathroom Graffiti bible butt stuff graffiti g rated win - 8385573376
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