Boys Will be Boys!

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Over the Shoulder Joke-Holder

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That Doesn't Seem Relevant to the News at Hand...

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Sage Advice From Mr. Jeremy

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Such a Shame

Funny exchange on Omegle in which the stranger indeed has boobs, but he is still a guy.
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Your Profile Pic Should Let the Ladies Know What You Enjoy

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You Will Never Believe Anything You See About Cleavage Ever Again After Watching This

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On the Inside? A Rare Thing Indeed...

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They Know What Men Want

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Never Gets Old

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Mark Twain Makes Some Good Points

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That's the Look of Some Kids That Are Going to Walk Home in Shame

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A Dirty Beer Pong Trick

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The Real Way to Guarantee Hits on Youtube

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The Best Way to Have Beer Delivered To You

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There's Always That One Joker

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