funny and dumb things kids believed | rceg 10.5k points 2 days ago edited 2 days ago thought my TV too small see adults shows like Tom and Jerry and Powerpuff girls.

Dumb Junk People Believed as Kids

We all had some stupid stuff banging around in our heads.
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Beliefs people have with zero proof | NeighborhoodNerd0 74.5k points 23 hours ago There's travel agency 's been around my town as long as can remember wholeheartedly believe 's front mob.

Things People are Certain of but Have Zero Proof

Sounds legit dude.
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Untrue and false facts people were told confidently | Keefer1970 2.9k points 18 hours ago band name "KISS" is an acronym Knights Satan's Service AC/DC Anti-Christian Devil Children Slayer Satan Laughs As Eternally Rot all told us without irony by Sunday school teacher, circa 1987

Untrue "Facts" People Were Told In Complete Seriousness

Some of this stuff is still banging around in our heads.
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Sad news mistaken jokes fake satire fake news ridiculous funny stupid belief - 7505157

18 Embarrassing Times Mistaken People Thought Satire Was Real

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