entitled people and their demanding behavior

Entitled People and Their Excruciating Behavior

Do not fear their demands.
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stories of the placebo effect

Times People Witnessed The Placebo Effect Working Its Magic

Engage the funk!
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behaviors that make men unattractive instantly

People Share Features That Instantly Make Men Less Attractive

What makes a person attractive is subjective, but like, man brush your teeth.
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relationship deal breakers

Dudes Share Their Relationship Deal Breakers

That's a deal breaker, sweetie.
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red flags in social situations

Red Flags To Look Out For In People

Gotta keep that head on a swivel.
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hateable personality traits and behaviors

Personality Traits That People Can't Stand

*Reflects upon self*
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immoral acts that are still legal to do | plankto-ed 6.6k points 19 hours ago 3 e S Unplugging friends phone charge own visiting their house

Things That Are Immoral But Not Quite Illegal

It's not illegal to be horrible.
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signs someone is a good person | motownmods 5.1k points 13 hours ago They always return cart cart corrals.

Specific Signs Someone is A Decent Person

There are clear signs.
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trashy and wtf cringe moments of people being selfish | Warning all stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc This is someone paid their food at Huddle House. Needless say no longer take rolled coins sorry honest folks | Sunbathing and Barbeques are not allowed cemetery. PLEASE SHOW RESPECT

Trashy Moments Bubbling with Garbage-osity

People can be selfish sometimes.
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Behaviors that made people stop liking someone | tunaforthursday 46.6k points 5 days ago Turned out be person eating everyone else's food breakroom fridge.

Things that Made People Lose Romantic Interest Instantly

Some crimes are unforgivable.
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Signs someone is selfish and horrible | NealR2000 13.4k points 12 hours ago Who are guys who spit out their chewing gum into urinals see this all time at work and work high end corporate place. Do they think disolves and goes down pipe janitor has pick out.

Signs Someone Wasn't Raised Right

Everyone knows someone like this. Wish we didn't.
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Various people describe toxic behaviors that are masked as virtues | Squiddification 18h 3 2 Awards had an -law who talked constantly about generous and compassionate she She could be both But she had tendency get carried away by she wanted rather than actually wanted. She kind person who would throw big party explicitly told her didn't want party, and she would talk constantly about overwhelmed she planning party and should help all these ways because can't do this on my own Her plans were over

Toxic Behaviors Disguised As Virtues

Maybe don't record the act of generosity.
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Stories of people who are related to Karens, and know them | ShrekTheHallz 2.3k points 8 hours ago Coworker mine is married Karen. He tells us stories multiple days week she drives four different grocery stores and harasses employees because their stock is low on specific item she wants.

People Who Know Karens Explain What That's Like

It's all the time.
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Things guys do that are creepy | posted by Sirventsalot 14.6k points 2 days ago 3 No self-awareness or notion personal boundaries like guys follow around public places or follow home intentionally and don't seem understand 's really unsettling about don't know if 's because live big city, but this is surprisingly common.

Behaviors Women Find Creepy

It's probably a good idea to not do these things.
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trashy people and instances cringe bad behavior | door cam footage: Neighbor OSROO 16 03:49 CST 1.4 miles away Crime This is getting out control. This man just stopped steal box dog poo put out there. Hope he enjoys 7 days ago 1,614 views 85 Ie Helpful Tell Neighbors. Utah man accused releasing rodents hotel rooms get free stays mugshot of a man and pic of a hamster

Trashy Moments that Spilled Forth from the Heart of Garbage

How did it get to this point?
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Aquarium has a naughty and good penguin of the month | PENGUIN MONTH NAUGHTY BURNY Laid her egg someone else's burrow and left them DRACO Adopting an abandoned egg Wonder whose

Aquarium has Naughty and Good Penguins of the Month

Some of these naughty penguins are being real jerks.
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