red flags in social situations

Red Flags To Look Out For In People

Gotta keep that head on a swivel.
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dumb ways falsely accused of cheating stories

Dumb Ways People Got Falsely Accused Of Cheating

Nice detective work.
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stupid masculinity questions

Absurd Reasons Men Had Their Masculinity Questioned

Fellas, is it wrong to wear sunscreen?
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behavior society addiction psychology - 16197381

Addictions That World Is Just Sort Of Okay With

Working can be a healthy habit, especially when it compliments people's other habits of being warm, dry and fed. But when you find yourself in the office at 10 pm getting texts about when you're supposed to be arriving with the Thanksgiving Turkey, it might be time to admit that you have a problem. Or maybe society has the problem and we're just feeding into it.
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unspoken rules of society and politeness

Unspoken Rules That People Don't Seem To Get

Some of us need a review.
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behavior frustrating school annoying smart family sister genius - 16170757

Gifted Sister Gets Wake-Up Call On Her Rudeness

Who would think that separating kids in school by reading level could result in some of those kids becoming huge jerks to their own peers? Kids are all basically sociopaths anyway, so giving a talented one a tangible reason to be an ass isn't exactly gonna help their social development in the long run. The internet weighed in on this sibling giving their sister the straight facts about her attitude toward other people. For another one like this, here's the condescending genius brother who final…
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jerk moves people agree are bad

Things People All Basically Agree Are Jerk Moves

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entitled people and their demanding behavior

Entitled People and Their Excruciating Behavior

Do not fear their demands.
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stories of the placebo effect

Times People Witnessed The Placebo Effect Working Its Magic

Engage the funk!
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behaviors that make men unattractive instantly

People Share Features That Instantly Make Men Less Attractive

What makes a person attractive is subjective, but like, man brush your teeth.
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relationship deal breakers

Dudes Share Their Relationship Deal Breakers

That's a deal breaker, sweetie.
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hateable personality traits and behaviors

Personality Traits That People Can't Stand

*Reflects upon self*
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immoral acts that are still legal to do | plankto-ed 6.6k points 19 hours ago 3 e S Unplugging friends phone charge own visiting their house

Things That Are Immoral But Not Quite Illegal

It's not illegal to be horrible.
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signs someone is a good person | motownmods 5.1k points 13 hours ago They always return cart cart corrals.

Specific Signs Someone is A Decent Person

There are clear signs.
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trashy and wtf cringe moments of people being selfish | Warning all stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc This is someone paid their food at Huddle House. Needless say no longer take rolled coins sorry honest folks | Sunbathing and Barbeques are not allowed cemetery. PLEASE SHOW RESPECT

Trashy Moments Bubbling with Garbage-osity

People can be selfish sometimes.
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Behaviors that made people stop liking someone | tunaforthursday 46.6k points 5 days ago Turned out be person eating everyone else's food breakroom fridge.

Things that Made People Lose Romantic Interest Instantly

Some crimes are unforgivable.
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